On July 8, 2015 President Obama signed the DHS Interoperability Act--H.R.615, a big step toward ensuring cross-organization communication and collaboration. The term "Interoperable Communications" is a mouthful. Simply put, it means that organizations using different communication systems can exchange and make use of important information in time of crisis.

Interoperability Matters — and Saves Lives

Whether for physical security, cyber security or public safety, the ability of federal agencies, local first responders, healthcare organizations and commercial entities to efficiently collaborate is essential to the safety of our nation, critical infrastructure and the public at large.


Ramon Pinero
Sr. Director, Connect Adoption
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Mr. Pinero has 15 years of deep field operational experience around usage and adoption, cloud computing, security and customer success. He leverages this experience to build world class networked crisis communication systems for AtHoc customers.

Eddie Herchert
Systems Engineer, Pentagon Force Protection Agency

Mr. Herchert has 15 years of experience providing technical and programmatic products in support of Department of Defense Agencies. He has a wealth of experience in requirements generation, system design, data analysis, and technology evaluation for acquiring new capabilities for his customers and improving efficiency and productivity.

Medio Monti, AtHoc
Business Development Manager, AtHoc

Mr. Monti has 30 years of operational experience as a combat arms and communications officer in the Marine Corps. Upon retiring in 2009, he has worked project management for various DoD command and control hardware and software programs. He is currently the Government Account Manager for Navy, Marine Corps, and joint programs for AtHoc.

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