AtHoc empowers organizations to communicate and collaborate in times of crisis with a platform that connects people, organizations, and devices enabling them to communicate and collaborate during critical times.

Questions We Will Address in the Webinar:

  1. In the event of an emergency, how do you currently alert employees about the situation and the appropriate action they should take?
  2. How do you and your team verify that each employee is accounted for, and what effect would it have on you, if an employee segment was unreachable?
  3. What is the cost associated to you (either monetary or not) if your current communication method fails during a critical event/disaster?

Join our industry experts to learn about how to prepare your organization for a critical incident with a secure and scalable crisis communication software.


David Cho

David Cho
Inside Sales Manager, Blackberry AtHoc

With a love of technology focused on communication and collaboration, David has had a successful 15-year career in B2B sales. Counting companies like BofA, Citibank, and GE as customers, he welcomes the challenge of helping large global enterprises deploy the latest technology by aligning it with their business objectives.

Bill Porter

William Porter
Marketing Manager, BlackBerry AtHoc

Bill is a marketing manager at BlackBerry. Based in San Mateo, he is an expert in start-ups and brand positioning he specializes in product launch strategy, events/experiential, social, digital, news and content marketing.