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Alert the people you care about wherever they are with a single solution

BlackBerry AtHoc provides a comprehensive crisis communication and mass notification solution that unifies all channels and devices, empowering organizations, people, and communities to communicate and collaborate during critical events.

AtHoc is certified by Department of Homeland Security for its level of security. It has flexible deployment options that safeguards your important personal information and enables enterprise-level command and control across your widely dispersed enterprise.

AtHoc Mass Notification Systems

Unified Emergency Mass Notification - Devices include computers, phone (cell, landline, VoIP), social media, sirens, digital displays, radio, PA systems and more.

Fully customize emergency mass notification alerts and target based on location and user profile

Notify your entire organization or target select groups of people with the ability to receive their responses. AtHoc enables the operator to customize the message, target devices and recipients based on geolocation down to the individual's blood type.

Customize alert target fields that align with your operational needs to gain higher resolution when targeting.

  • Preconfigure templates and scenarios to expedite alerts
  • Attach evacuation routes and relevant data to impacted personnel when tailoring your message

AtHoc Unified Mass Notification Systems

Unify your entire system when seconds matter

AtHoc integrates your entire crisis communications and mass notifications from all your in and output sources, empowering you to alert everyone you care about with a single click. Assess incoming sources such as FEMA's alerts or your entry access controls and utilize existing infrastructure such as computers, fire panels, radios, digital displays, sirens, and many more to notify your people.

  • Eliminate redundant processes and be confident that the right information is targeted at the right people regardless of device
  • Integrate with IP or non-IP based technologies that include desktops, IP phones, social networks, fire panels, public address (PA) systems, sirens, digital display boards, two way radios, and many more

AtHoc Emergency Notification - Safety Act Compliant

Protect your most valuable data with secure cloud and our patented hybrid technology

Deploy the most secure solution in the market. AtHoc is recognized by Department of Homeland Security to be compliant with the SAFETY Act and NIST certification.

Our behind-the firewall deployment brings peace of mind and assurance of data confidentiality and network protection. Additional deployment architectures, including public cloud and our patented hybrid deployment options, provide flexibility in addressing an organization's requirements without compromising security and privacy.

  • Complies with Federal IA regulations, including NIST SP 800-37/53 Rev3 and DIACAP
  • PII and other sensitive data remain secure behind firewall

Emergency Text Notification System

Emergency messaging systems via multiple secure mediums such as Giant Voice, mobile devices, emails, desktop alerts and phone calls ensures if one channel breaks there are other ways people receive critical alerts. SMS emergency notification systems are a critical element to the modern day emergency messaging systems. Broadcast notifications are important in emergency notification plans as well due to the ability to broadcast to those without access to mobile devices or if cellular signal drops for whatever reason.

emergency text messaging system
emergency notification system software
AtHoc Networked Crisis Communication Suite

AtHoc's comprehensive suite unifies crisis communications between organizations, people, devices, and external entities. The result: Leaders can make informed decisions to effectively protect the people they care about.

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  • In Brussels Terror Attacks, BlackBerry’s AtHoc Helped Officials Control the Crisis
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