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Care for the People You Care About

AtHoc helps safeguard millions of people in thousands of organizations around the globe. Our powerful platform – featuring four key attributes – makes it possible:

It's a whole new level of protection for your people, in which you can notify anyone, anywhere, on any device; get real-time visibility of your personnel safety and status; and communicate and collaborate with other organizations.

Bottom line: the AtHoc platform is an industry-leading safety net for your people, 24/7/365.


Good Enough Is Not Enough

No one has to tell you: security is a front-and-center concern for every corporation, large to small. As connectivity increases, the issue will become even more pronounced – and the need for a sophisticated solution more pressing than ever.

Designated Safety ActOur security is seamless, powerful and industry-leading. In fact, AtHoc was awarded the Support Anti-Terrorism by Fostering Effective Technology (SAFETY) Act Designation by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS); the first company to receive this recognition.


This Platform Plays Well With Others

AtHoc integrates our cutting-edge technology with your legacy systems, preserving existing investment and, most importantly, ensuring seamless crisis response. That's a claim few others can make. Specifically, the AtHoc solution assimilates both historical systems and the latest and greatest technology, including:

  • Personal and mass devices: outdoor sirens (giant voice), indoor public announcement (PA), fire panels, video surveillance, strobes, digital displays, LED boards, smoke and gas sensors
  • Enterprise networks: desktops, Microsoft Lync, Exchange and LDAP, Cisco UCM, Motorola radios
  • Public and social feeds: IPAWS, CAP-based, Twitter, Facebook
  • The Internet of Things (e.g., wearable tech)


Can an App Save Your Life? AtHoc Mobile

Emergencies aren't confined to headquarters; today's workforce is mobile, to say the least. With AtHoc networked crisis communication, first responders and personnel can use the AtHoc mobile app to:

  • Speed response to the crisis, no matter where it is, by launching an alert on the go
  • Send an alert, in a single click, with rich media: video, images, text and maps
  • Get specific, actionable information – e.g., evacuation routes – via mobile phones
  • Submit a quick field report to the operations center or management team

Net result: AtHoc's industry-leading mobile capabilities cut response times and save lives.


Flexible Deployment, Including a Hybrid Cloud

The AtHoc solution offers a variety of architecture options: on-premise, cloud-only or our patented hybrid configuration. This selection ensures you're always in control of your own data – an advantage exclusive to AtHoc.

AtHoc's patented hybrid deployment balances the economic benefits of cloud-based computing without the risk of exposing sensitive information outside a firewalled security zone. This is particularly true when the potential risk includes Personal Identifiable Information (PII) of employees, contractors and family members – and communication associated with sensitive, critical events within the organization.

AtHoc Networked Crisis Communication Suite

AtHoc's comprehensive suite unifies crisis communications between organizations, people, devices, and external entities. The result: Leaders can make informed decisions to effectively protect the people they care about.

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