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The BlackBerry AtHoc suite of integrated applications: Alert, Collect, Account and Connect sets the standard in networked crisis communication. These applications run on AtHoc's secure cloud platform which connects users, organizations and devices globally – an "internet of things" platform addressing the growing needs of crisis communications. AtHoc leverages the power of mobility, hybrid cloud and the IP network to deliver a unified and secure end-to-end solution capable of real-time collaboration with anyone, anywhere and across virtually any device.


Alert: Notify anyone, anywhere, on any device

AtHoc Alert™ is a comprehensive end-to-end emergency notification system that unifies all communication modalities to alert everyone you care about with a single click. Using a single web-based console or smartphone/tablet, emergency managers can provide two-way communication across the entire enterprise or community to virtually any device with real-time speed and assured reach.

  • Utilize market-leading tools that streamline your communication from pre-configured templates and custom fields, to geolocation targeting, teleconferencing and many more
  • Integrate your entire crisis communications from access controls and social media to fire panels, sirens, mobile app, desktop, two-way radios and even wearable devices
  • Implement secure public cloud or our patented hybrid deployment to maximize security and privacy while gaining scale and flexibility
  • Leverage enterprise capabilities to delegate system management to local points of contacts (PoCs) while maintaining control and simplify contact management with LDAP integration and self-service portal


Collect: Gather critical information from your people to achieve situational awareness

AtHoc Collect™ empowers you to gain greater awareness and make better decisions by enabling your field personnel to be the eyes and ears of the operations center. Give personnel in the field the ability to report events with rich geo-tagged media reports, plus a one-click "duress" button to report emergent situations for rapid response. The operation center can see what is happening at any incident scene, enabling rapid mobilization for a more effective response.

  • Report events or observations from the field with rich media that speaks a thousand words
  • Initiate user-identified, geo-sensed "duress" and attach rich media
  • Gather and apply business rules of incoming events and route to the appropriate teams
  • Activate location tracking and share with the user's team or operation center


Account: Gain real-time visibility into your personnel safety and location

AtHoc Account™ enables real-time visibility into personnel location and status for effective crisis handling and response. An operations center or the organizational leadership uses Account to request status from select groups or the entire populace. For example, account for people post emergencies, recall personnel and conduct daily mustering. Emergency management is provided an accurate summary view or detailed delivery report of each alert recipient across the enterprise. Users can also provide unsolicited reports of their current status and location.

  • Detailed enterprise-wide and multi-level personnel reports for compliance
  • Activate real-time tracking on smartphone to give operations your location as you move
  • Utilize online self-service portal to gain visibility at the individual level of local needs and requirements


Connect: Communicate and collaborate with other organizations

Emergencies, even small ones, do not happen in isolation. AtHoc Connect™ bridges the communication gap between organizations during these events. It allows organizations to share authoritative information with external targeted organizations, agencies and the public in real-time during crises. This empowers the connected community to collectively assess situations and provide a coordinated response to protect lives and property.

  • Seamlessly connect with organizations in your community before or during an event
  • Be confident your communications have reached connected organizations within a single workflow, without picking up a phone or radio
  • Eliminate need to manage contacts of external organizations
  • Receive relevant information from other organizations as well as external content feeds
AtHoc Networked Crisis Communication Suite

AtHoc's comprehensive suite unifies crisis communications between organizations, people, devices, and external entities. The result: Leaders can make informed decisions to effectively protect the people they care about.

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