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Real time visibility and key insights for successful crisis communication

From federal agencies to private organizations to healthcare providers, the logistics of safety and security will change from site to site, and operation to operation. However, there are certain features of a resilient security infrastructure that remain consistent across all.

Organizations have an obligation to safeguard their workforce and infrastructure. AtHoc Account empowers you by delivering an automated, efficient, FedRAMP-authorized solution to account for people in real-time.

Your personnel are now able to update their status in real-time with critical data like their location, safety status, and the status of those around them. This allows the operator to report and coordinate the needed response without hesitation. The insights in front of you are real-time, accurate, and sharable with others with just a click.

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Real Time Crisis Communication

The leading Platform for Real-Time Crisis Management

AtHoc Account puts you in control - and not at the mercy - of your crisis communication plan.

The one system, one view approach

Serves as a single authoritative source for accountability information.

Compiles safety details from multiple sources including directly from:

People Responding on Behalf of Others
Accountability Officers
3rd Party Integrations
Call Centers

Integrates with the BlackBerry AtHoc platform creating a unified crisis communication solution.

Automate Operational Resiliency.
Reduce Manual Processes.

  • Eliminate manual processing of data from across various spreadsheets, call trees, and people.

  • Real time safety status enables leaders to respond more effectively.

  • Reduce downtime and response costs by allocating recovery resources efficiently.

  • At a glance dashboard provides operators situational awareness and one click reporting.

Industries See The Value

AtHoc Account gives you more than just peace of mind in a crisis; it gives you the assurance of your people's safety in real time. Your organization during a crisis will have a clear road to be back up and running.

  • Commercial & Industrial

    Commercial & Industrial
    An integrated solution that fits in your existing crisis communication network.

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  • Defense & Military

    Defense & Military
    We help safeguard millions of military personnel, every day around the globe. See why the Department of Defense trusts AtHoc.

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  • Federal Government Agencies

    Federal Government Agencies
    Interoperable communication is at the core of what we do. See how BlackBerry AtHoc protects more than 70% of all Federal employees.

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  • Healthcare

    Empower team leaders to update status on behalf of their employees.

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  • State & Local

    State & Local
    Ability to integrate with badging systems and guest registration to account for everyone on premise, including contractors and guests.

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  • Transportation & Airports

    Transportation & Airports
    Empower your Airport Environment with the Proven Networked Communication System

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Thorough Compliance with Federal Mandates

BlackBerry AtHoc has established compliance with many federal mandates. These are some of the federal mandates AtHoc Account is in compliance with:

  • Account Compliance Dhs
    Department of Homeland Security: DHS Directive 008-04
  • Account Compliance Osha
    Safety law emergency plans under OSHA and Canada's equivalent
  • Account Compliance Dod
    Department of Defense: DoDI 3001.02
  • Account Compliance Veteransaffairs
    Department of Veterans Affairs: VA Directive 0325
  • Account Compliance Opm
    OPM Accountability: Executive Order 13197
AtHoc Networked Crisis Communication Suite

AtHoc's comprehensive suite unifies crisis communications between organizations, people, devices, and external entities. The result: Leaders can make informed decisions to effectively protect the people they care about.

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