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  • Excerpt from a recent ABC News special report featuring General Martin Dempsey and Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel. General Dempsey describes how an emergency notification system led to a "less horrific outcome" when tragic events occured at the Washington Navy Yard.

    Time: 00:51

  • In an interview with CNN, LCDR Rodeece Dean of the U.S. Navy recalls how he and his fellow service personnel were able to safely shelter-in-place as the tragic events at the Washington Navy Yard unfolded. Along the way, he describes how the AtHoc IWS system was effective in facilitating communications that, in collaboration with news broadcasts, helped to keep them in the know and out of harms way.

    Time: 00:44

  • Excerpt from General Ray Odierno’s testimony regarding the effectiveness of emergency notification systems in an active shooter situation.

    Time: 00:24

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    Time: 02:29

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    Time: 02:29

  • Local KTVU television coverage profiles AtHoc's leadership and "world-class reputation" in the EMNS industry and cutting-edge emergency communications

    AtHoc President and CEO Guy Miasnik demonstrates the AtHoc IWSAlerts solution and describes AtHoc's ability to alert and protect personnel across government, healthcare, military, industrial, and university environments

    Time: 02:34

  • Colonel Joseph A. Simonelli Jr., Fort Bliss Garrison Commander fields questions on usage of the AtHoc IWSAlerts system in response to the tragic events that occurred there on September 20, 2010.

    Colonel Simonelli states that it was the AtHoc system that initially made him aware of the situation though a computer desktop alert. He goes on to refer to the product as a "very effective real-time notification system".

    Time: 00:34

  • Captain John Fristachi, Program Director for Operations and Public Safety at the Navy Region Mid-Atlantic and News 10 Norfolk describe the Shore Wide Area Alert Network. Powered by AtHoc IWSAlerts, the WAAN system has been up and running since 2008.

    This video shows how the system is being used to alert sailors, their families and civilians working on naval installations around the world about natural disasters, weather related emergencies, and other crisis and non-crisis events.

    Time: 01:49

  • Using pre-defined templates, command personnel demonstrate how they have automated recurring notification tasks and streamlined their situational awareness response strategy.

    Interoperability with other AtHoc systems across Air Force bases around the world

    Time: 02:27

  • How AtHoc technology unifies communication to create multiple layers of notification across various environments.

    Specific examples of AtHoc systems proven successful during emergencies when the supporting infrastructure was at peak volume

    Time: 06:08

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    Time: 00:57

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