AtHoc IWSDuress

Personal Duress Reporting

IWSDuressSummon help immediately at your exact GPS location with a single click using IWSDuress

With one-click activation of the IWSDuress application, summon immediate help and be safe. AtHoc IWSDuress empowers every person in your organization to report an urgent situation with a "duress" button on their smartphone using AtHoc's mobile app. IWSDuress directs the incoming alert and GPS location to the organization's emergency personnel in real-time for quick response and personnel safety assurance.

With AtHoc IWSDuress:

  • A healthcare worker can initiate a "duress" alert during a home health visit and rapidly receive help at her location.
  • A university student can proactively enable "Track me" while entering a campus parking lot and his whereabouts are visually tracked by the security desk, ensuring his personal safety.
  • A police officer can immediately report a security incident (such as a suspicious package) and send rich media to the security operations center for a quick and effective response.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Duress: Initiate an urgent request for immediate help while relaying user identity and current location with the option to attach rich media content.
  • Check-In: Proactively "check-in" to report status and current location.
  • Track Me: Activate location tracking and share with emergency personnel, who can view the information over a map.
  • Collect, manage, and direct "mass" inbound duress alerts by source, type, and location.
  • Display duress alerts and associated information on a map.