AtHoc Notifier Mobile Application

Interactive, Media-Rich Dialogue for People on the Move

* All user location tracking and geo-targeting is enabled only if users opt-in from their smartphone or tablet device. Subject to proper privacy rules and settings.

The AtHoc Notifier mobile application leverages modern mobile technology for mass interaction and 2-way emergency communication from any location. AtHoc's mobile app powers the freedom of mobility for personnel to report geo-tagged emergencies, share event details via multimedia — videos, photos, audio, text, maps — and receive audio-visual alerts from anywhere. Emergency managers can activate instant alerts and share actionable information with multiple teams for a coordinated response and early crisis control and resolution.

AtHoc Notifier harnesses the power of AtHoc IWS, elevating the user interaction experience with extended reach and rich data to personnel on the move.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Speed response directly to the crisis with geo-tagged emergency alerts, wherever they are.
  • Heighten event awareness among teams with rich media (video, images, text, maps).
  • Rapidly receive specific, actionable information (e.g. evacuation routes) through mobile alerts.
  • Quickly initiate geo-located duress alerts with optional rich media describing an emergency situation for a quick and effective response.
  • Send geo-tagged alerts with a single click to security and first responder teams, wherever they are.
  • Launch alerts to all personnel or to specific, geo-targeted users or devices from any location.
  • Submit a quick field report to the operations center or management team.
  • Forward detailed, rich event information from the incident directly to first responders.

The AtHoc Notifier mobile app gives you freedom, control, broad reach, and 2-way rich communications from the scene of the crisis directly to the operations center. This capability effectively cuts response time and saves lives. AtHoc Notifier complies with Federal security guidelines for their designated use and can be used on government-issued and personal mobile devices.

The AtHoc mobile app is available for Android smartphones and tablets, iPhone, and iPad. Download for free from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.