The AtHoc IWS Solution Suite

Next-Generation Interactive Crisis Communications

AtHoc IWS™ ("Interactive Warning System") empowers your organization to communicate, interact, and account for all personnel during critical situations. This modern interactive warning system keeps your personnel accurately informed and achieves business and operational continuity when the unexpected occurs.

The AtHoc Interactive
Warning System

AtHoc IWS Suite

AtHoc's innovative enterprise-class suite of integrated solutions sets the standard in crisis communications and emergency mass alerting today. AtHoc leverages the power of mobility, cloud, and the IP network to deliver an integrated, end-to-end solution capable of rapid and pervasive two-way communications with anyone in the organization at any time.

When a crisis arises, the AtHoc solution gets the right information to the right people with assured accuracy and real-time speed. AtHoc IWS enables the organization to interact with all personnel (teams, specific groups, or individuals) to protect lives, view, assess, and provide actionable information that ensures business and operational continuity.

AtHoc IWS Suite is security certified for the federal government and Department of Defense (DoD) customers use.

AtHoc IWS solutions are being used by hundreds of government and commercial organizations throughout the world to support millions of users during critical situations.

The AtHoc IWS Suite Enables:

  • A nurse to activate a one-click, geo-tagged emergency alert from her smartphone and receive immediate help at her location.
  • An operations center to view an event via rich media — photos, audio, video, texts, and maps — from hundreds of employees and field personnel to assess an unfolding event.
  • Emergency managers to send maps of cordoned areas to security forces and forward evacuation routes to affected personnel.
  • A base commander to account for all personnel and view base status in detail, following an emergency.

The AtHoc IWS Suite provides the organization with

Enabling every person to report and receive rich event information for critical safety decisions.

Providing a universal view into events, people, and organizational status via rich media for an informed situation response.

Powering instant, multi-modal bidirectional mass communication to reach everyone with actionable safety information.

Accounting for all personnel via real-time aggregation of their location and status, and providing tools for visibility, status, and follow-up actions.

The AtHoc Advantage

An integrated system enabling the flow of critical information among all parties for situation assessment and guidance across the organization, and account for all personnel, going beyond voice and traditional methods.

The AtHoc mobile application (for iOS and Android platforms) combines the AtHoc solution with mobile devices, empowering emergency managers and first responders to launch 2-way mass or targeted alerts from anywhere, at any time, and send geo-tagged responses with rich media attachments (video, photos, voice, text, maps) from the center of the crisis directly to emergency managers.

A single web-based console brings modern IP-based and traditional non-IP alert devices together for unified, rapid, and redundant communications.

Secure, scalable and flexible deployment architectures, supporting a centralized enterprise: a secure private cloud, a secure public cloud; or hybrid architecture, to support large, widely dispersed organizations while accommodating the alerting needs of each location, group, or select individuals.

Deployed in the most challenging environments including warzones, highly secured facilities, chemical plants, and hospitals, AtHoc's proven solution has successfully managed extensive crises throughout the world.

The AtHoc IWS Suite Applications

Unifies IP-based and traditional communication modalities into a comprehensive, multi-modal, bi-directional mass notification system to reach everyone with actionable information and receive responses.

Empowers every person with one-click "duress" alerts to summon immediate help at their GPS location. Supports rich media content for extended situation reports, facilitating quick and effective response.

Accounts for personnel after an emergency by aggregating personnel status and location and delivers real-time visibility into personnel status for an accurate picture of accountability across all teams.

Provides 360° situational awareness and visibility of highly detailed event information suitable for the various organizational roles and levels – leadership, operation centers, response teams, and all personnel – ensuring effective decision-making and informed response.

Enables field personnel to report situations with geo-tagged rich-media and business rules to route incoming field reports to the appropriate team for an effective response.

AtHoc solutions harness the groundbreaking mobile application, AtHoc IWS Mobile, to deliver the freedom of mobility to all users. The mobile application powers the rich media interaction for all suite applications, enabling emergency managers to share situational awareness with multiple teams and initiate mass notification from anywhere in real-time.