AtHoc IWSFieldReport

Field Situation Reporting

IWSFieldReportProcess and route multimedia geo-location events triggered by individuals on scene, routing the events to the appropriate agency and sharing over a map

The AtHoc IWSFieldReport application empowers your field personnel to be the eyes and ears of the operations center. The application gives field personnel the ability to report events, work progress, and personal status along with rich, geo-tagged media reports. The application manages the flow of incoming events and reports, applies business rules, and directs the reports to the relevant teams within the organization for further dialogue and handling. For personnel safety, the application also offers a one-click "duress" button so you can report an urgent emergency situation for rapid response. For the first time, the operation center can actually see what is happening at the incident scene, enabling rapid mobilization for an effective response.

With AtHoc IWSFieldReport:

  • An emergency center can effectively view and analyze reports from the scene of an overturned truck and mobilize first responders and spill containment team with actionable direction.
  • Post-earthquake, the damage assessment team can submit images and textual reports directly from the scene, to streamline the response and recovery effort.
  • A security patrol can report a breach in the perimeter fence, with exact location and images of the impact, allowing quick assessment and response.
  • A healthcare worker's one-click mobile "duress" alert during a home health visit initiates rapid emergency response from the hospital's security desk.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Event Reporting: Report events or observations from the field (e.g. a suspicious person, an open gate, maintenance request) along with GPS-derived current location and optional attachment of rich media content.
  • Multiple report types and workflows: Ability to define varied field reports and resulting actions e.g. a "maintenance requested" report from the field will be directed to the facility team and result in a work assignment alert.
  • Collect incoming events and apply business logic to manage and route the events to the appropriate teams for handling.
  • Check-In: Proactively "check-in" to report status and current location.
  • Track Me: Activate location tracking and share with the user's team and related organizations.
  • Duress: Initiate an urgent request for immediate help while relaying user identity and current location with the option to attach rich media content.
  • Displays events over a map, along with detailed information about source, type, and associated media.