Customer Overview

AtHoc is the pioneer and recognized leader in providing network-centric emergency mass notification and crisis communication systems to military, homeland security, government, healthcare, industrial and commercial organizations, currently protecting over 2 million personnel across thousands of locations worldwide.

Key sectors served:

Air Force  |  Army  |  Navy and Marines  |  Joint Forces  |  More DoD Customers
Homeland Security and Government |  National, State and Local  |  Healthcare  |  Higher Education Industrial / Commercial

Air Force

The deployment of AtHoc IWSAlerts creates a USAF "Private Cloud" supporting the Air Force enterprise while meeting the mass notification needs of individual localized facilities. See Air Force press coverage highlighted articles for more information.

U.S. Air Force Reserve Command (AFRC)

Command-wide network-centric emergency management system for emergency notification, recall and personnel accountability, servicing 76,000 personnel at 40 locations.

Case Study

pope-afb.jpg Pope Air Force Base

AtHoc IWSAlerts leverages existing system to create enterprise-level architecture, delivering emergency instruction through pop-ups, cell and landline phones, PDAs and Giant Voice/PA system through a single, unified web console.

U.S. Air Force Air Education and Training Command (AETC)

Command-wide network-centric notification system supporting over 80,000 personnel, integrated with local telephony alerting and outdoor speakers (Giant Voice).

Case Study

U.S. Air Force Materiel Command (AFMC)

Command wide network-centric notification system supporting 30,000 personnel at Eglin and Wright Patterson Air Force Bases, integrated across multiple channels including desktop alerting, telephony and outdoor speakers (Giant Voice).

Press Release - Additional 25,000 Personnel

U.S. Air Force Central Command (AFCENT)

Command-wide deployment leverages AtHoc's private cloud architecture for major command interoperability, delivering alerts spanning multiple locations and network domains

usafe.jpg U.S. Air Force Europe (USAFE)

Network-centric deployment of IWSAlerts for major commands in Europe, integrated across multiple channels including audio/visual pop-up alerts and Giant Voice. Supporting more than 550,000 USAF personnel, 115 USAF installations worldwide.

scriever-afb.jpg Schriever Air Force Base

AtHoc IWSAlerts' net-centric emergency notification system provides emergency telephony and Giant Voice alerting capabilities, protecting 3,200 personnel who operate more than 170 Department of Defense (DoD) satellites.

U.S. Air Force Air Combat Command (ACC)

Command-wide network-centric emergency notification system for emergency alerts across 29 locations supporting 107,000 Air Force personnel and over 300 operators.

U.S. Air Force Air Mobility Command (AMC)

AtHoc IWSAlerts' net-centric emergency MNS deployment fulfills military requirements for force protection, recall, critical communications and accountability

U.S. Air Force

The AtHoc IWSAlerts solution for Theatre Deployable Communications (TDC) systems enables rapid bi-directional communications, the ability to receive battlefield imagery, transmit situational video back to base, and receive command and control information

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AtHoc's network-centric solution allows the U.S. Army to meet requirements for force protection, personnel accountability, and mass notification across 21 installations, operational units, community schools, and medical facilities.

U.S. Army Ft. Riley & 1st Infantry Division

Centrally deployed network-centric notification system supporting on-base hospital and schools to rapidly alert personnel and their families via desktop notifications, text messaging and email alerting.

Case Study Press Release

 U.S. Army Materiel Command (AMC)

Enterprise-wide implementation supports multiple installations from the same Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) data center, utilizing a centralized secure private cloud architecture to easily add remote locations.

Press Release

U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center (ERDC)

Centrally deployed network-centric notification system supporting four different sites to rapidly alert personnel via desktop notifications and telephony alerting.

Headquarters U.S. Army Pacific (USARPAC) Fort Shafter

AtHoc IWSAlerts network-centric emergency mass notification system provides intrusive audio/visual pop-ups, telephony and alerts to IP-connected devices, protecting USARPAC personnel throughout the Asia-Pacific region.

usag-walter-reed.jpgFort A.P. Hill

AtHoc IWSAlerts leverages existing IP network for a centralized, Web-based architecture. Emergency notification alerts through telephone, text messaging, audio/visual pop-up alerts, and other devices to IP-connected personnel.

Press Release

 U.S. Army Garrison Vicenza (Italy)

Base level deployment of a net-centric alerting system integrated across multiple channels including desktop notifications, telephony alerting, outdoor speakers (Giant Voice) and digital display boards.

Press Release

 U.S. Army Ft. Bliss

Deployment of network-centric emergency notification system rapidly delivers alerts via computers, cell phones and landlines, and integrates with the fort's existing PA system through a single, unified Web console.

Press Release

 Headquarters I Corps, Fort Lewis-McChord

Installation-wide deployment of centralized, Web-based architecture. Emergency mass alerts are sent via telephony and other devices, also intrusive audio/visual pop-ups, covering 1,700 personnel.

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Navy and Marines

The AtHoc IWSAlerts technology serves as the standard for the U.S. Navy and Marines; it is used throughout the Department of Defense (DoD) and is considered best practice for modern mass notification capability.

U.S. Navy, Anti-Terrorism Force Protection Ashore Program (ATFP)

Navy-wide standard of net-centric alerting system, covering approx 400,000 Navy personnel across over 100 facilities worldwide. Deployed by SPAWAR.

U.S Navy Region Mid-Atlantic

Region-wide network-centric emergency notification system supporting over 50,000 personnel, managed through regional operation centers (ROC) and local emergency ops centers (EOCs). Part of Navy's ATFP Ashore Program.

U.S. Navy District Washington

Region-wide network-centric emergency notification system supporting over 5,000 personnel, managed through regional operation centers (ROC) and local emergency ops centers (EOCs).

camp-lejeune.jpg U.S. Marine Corps

The enterprise-wide standardization of AtHoc IWSAlerts deployed worldwide protects 225,000 active duty Marines and civilians across all Marine Corps bases, camps, depots, and stations.

Press Release

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Joint Forces

The AtHoc network-centric mass notification solution supports millions of military personnel, including those in the Joint Forces. AtHoc IWSAlerts has been deployed on the JWICS (Joint Worldwide Intelligence Communications System) Network.

langley-eustis.jpg Joint Base Langley-Eustis

Command-wide installation of an enterprise-class emergency mass notification system covers 17 bases throughout the U.S. Expansion to Fort Eustis leverages proven capabilities of the existing AtHoc solution and protects an additional 1,200 personnel.

U.S. Pacific Command (PACOM)

Deployed at PACOM HQ for emergency notification and critical alerts to all HQ personnel.

Press Release

U.S. Strategic Command (STRATCOM)

Monitoring critical intelligence and providing alerts to operators based on personal areas of interest, in STRATCOM's Global Operations Center. Running on SIPRNET.

Case Study

africom.jpg U.S. Africa Command (AFRICOM)

AtHoc IWSAlerts serves as the network-centric alerting system for force protection in Africa and assigned forces in Europe. The solution integrates and unifies existing disparate notification capabilities, enabling rapid notification to all IP-connected devices worldwide.

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Homeland Security & Government

AtHoc is the top vendor for major federal government agencies, providing solutions for physical security, accountability, public safety, and force protection.

Transportation Security Administration (TSA)

Enterprise-wide integration with the U.S. Coast Guard's mass notification infrastructure lowers costs and enables interoperable communications, personnel accountability, and standardized alerting across DHS agencies via intergovernmental sharing.

Press Release

doe-hanford.jpgDepartment of Energy, Hanford

Enterprise-wide, net-centric Emergency Notification System for protection of 10,000 personnel, leveraging existing IP network. System supports desktop alerting, IP phones.

do-homeland-security.jpgU.S. Coast Guard

Enabling the next generation of the Alert and Warning System, AWS 2.0, the network-centric emergency mass notification system provides recall and personnel accountability, servicing 50,000 personnel across 100 locations. Alerts through multiple channels and devices.

do-treasury.jpgUnited States Mint

Agency-wide network-centric solution provides highly secure, enterprise-class mass emergency notification for 1,500 personnel through intrusive desktop pop-up alerts.

Louisiana State Judiciary

Emergency alerting system for all court personnel, utilizing the IP network, telephony and SMS text messaging. System supports multiple courts using access management and virtual systems.

Press Release

do-veterans-affairs.jpg U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

The AtHoc solution integrated with the existing Navy system, yielding the enterprise-wide VA Personnel Accountability and Assessment System (VA-PAS), protecting 500,000 personnel within hundreds of medical centers and outpatient, community, and outreach clinics across the nation.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP)

AtHoc's emergency notification system provides alerting, accountability, recall, and protection to 60,000 CBP agents and personnel tasked with securing America's borders.

Press Release

do-commerce.jpgU.S. Patent and Trademark Office

AtHoc IWSAlerts leverages existing notification system for the protection of 12,000 personnel through IP-based, desktop pop-up alerts.

Press Release

pfpa.jpg Pentagon Force Protection Agency (PFPA)

AtHoc IWSAlerts emergency notification solution supports all five branches of the Pentagon to send alerts rapidly through IP-networked workstations using pop-up audio/visual alerts, protecting people, facilities and infrastructure against all threats.

Press Release

American Red Cross, Broward County Chapter

Recall and warning system for all Red Cross personnel and volunteers of the Broward County Chapter in Florida.

Press Release

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National, State & Local

Mexico Seismic Public WarningMexico Seismic Public Warning

Fast earthquake response alert system for seismic public warning - managed by the Mexico National Center for Prevention of Disasters (CENAPRED).

Mexico Seismic Public WarningHawaii State Civil Defense (HISCD)

Emergency Notification System for all HISCD personnel, as well as first responders and other selected personnel. System also activates, using CAP, the Emergency Alerting System (EAS) for public broadcast of emergency alerts.

Contra Costa County Contra Costa County

Award-winning, all-hazard public warning and industrial safety system used to notify all residents living near oil refineries in the county.

UNDP Deployment Caribbean Island / UNDP

Public warning system that uses broadcast radio, sirens, data-over-radio, email and desktop popup alerts for internal, interest groups (tourism, etc.) and public notification.

California EDISCalifornia EDIS

The Emergency Digital Information Service (EDIS) is the nation's first statewide CAP-based warning system enabling state, federal, and local agencies to notify subscribers over email, pagers, SMS, desktop pop-ups, and other means.

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In the Healthcare environment, the AtHoc network-centric mass notification and interactive crisis communication system rapidly delivers emergency alerts, warns of IT outages, and elevates the safety of home health caregivers, among its many uses. The solution is also responsive to reliability and confidentiality uses essential to patient care.

do-veterans-affairs.jpg U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

The AtHoc solution integrated with the existing Navy system, yielding the enterprise-wide VA Personnel Accountability and Assessment System (VA-PAS), protecting 500,000 personnel within hundreds of medical centers and outpatient, community, and outreach clinics across the nation.

whmc1.jpg Irwin Army Hospital, Ft. Riley

Deployment of the enterprise edition of AtHoc's IWSAlerts enables Fort Riley to expand its network-centric emergency notification system to include Irwin Army Hospital. Additional features include tiered operator permissions, and Active Directory integration.

whmc1.jpg Walter Reed Army Institute of Research

The AtHoc interactive crisis communication solution protects 2,500 personnel within the largest and most diverse biomedical research laboratory in the Department of Defense.

whmc1.jpg Walter Reed National Military Medical Center

Uniquely equipped for the healthcare environment, AtHoc brings IP-based interaction and accountability to 12,000 medical personnel.

Baylor, Scott & White HealthBaylor, Scott & White Health

The AtHoc solution adds a layer of security through computer popup alerts, keeping thousands of health care professionals—and their patients—safe and informed.

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Higher Education

Providing powerful notification capabilities for university personnel and students, AtHoc's experience with large organizations ensures rapid and reliable emergency notifications through a host of communication devices on widespread campuses.

University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)

Campus-wide warning system covering over 45,000 students, faculty and staff via desktop notifications, SMS text messaging, email, telephony alerts, sirens and campus TV/radio.

Case Study

Press Release - UCLA Wins Gold Award

Press Release - Los Angeles Earthquake

Press Release - Initial Deployment

Naval Postgraduate School

Emergency warning system to 5,000 campus personnel via desktop notification, telephony alerting, email and SMS text messaging.

Liberty University

Complete, end-to-end mass notification system offering rapid response and ease-of-use safeguards nearly 100,000 students and covers a dispersed 6,800-acre campus.

Press Release

Texas A&M University

Campus-wide integrated mass notification solution alerting campus population via computer pop up alerts, Emergency Alert System (EAS) radio broadcast, cable TV, telephones, email and SMS text.

Press Release

Air University

Emergency notification system to reach students (officers, enlisted and civilian personnel), faculty and staff at the U.S. Air Force Air University at Maxwell AFB.

Press Release

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Industrial / Commercial

Reliable integrated mass notification and emergency communication system delivers notifications over the IP network automatically when fire sensors are activated, keeping large, widely-dispersed companies safe.


Integrated net-centric mass notification fire alarm system delivering notifications over the IP network automatically when fire sensors are activated.

Jacksonville Port Authority (JAXPORT)

Network and telephony alerting capabilities integrate with social networks, giant voice/outdoor public address systems, and digital signage to speed emergency notifications across the port.

Press Release

Raytheon, Space and Airborne Systems

Alerting system for over 1,000 personnel in a business unit delivering critical communication via desktop and video alerts.

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